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Wheel Services

Precise wheel alignment, steering, and suspension service at Gary's Automotive

Wheel Alignment, Steering, And Suspension

A problematic steering system can get worse over time, can wear out your tires quickly, and if uncorrected alignment issues can lead to hundreds of dollars in tire replacement and suspension repair. We recommend scheduling an alignment check every 6 months or 6,000 miles. Our ASE certified technicians perform alignments using the latest computerized technology for state-of-the-art accuracy.

With every alignment, we perform a complete steering and suspension system inspection, including tire condition and air pressure. With an alignment service at Gary's Automotive, we measure each wheel's alignment angle to see where they are relative to factory specifications. While we have the vehicle on the alignment rack, we will inspect the tires for proper wear and check the suspension and steering components for damage or wear as all of these items can contribute to wheel alignment problems.

Some vehicles allow adjustment of all four wheels, if that is true on your vehicle, we will bring all wheels into the manufacturer’s specifications for proper alignment. This known as a 4 wheel alignment. On vehicles that only allow adjustments to the front wheels, we bring the front tires into alignment relative to the rear tires. This is known as a 2 wheel alignment, front wheel alignment or front end alignment.

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