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For a safe, smooth ride, the condition of your tires is of utmost importance. From the proper pressure to the correct wheel balance and wheel alignment, our auto repair experts ensure that your tires are safe and reliable.

Tire Service, Repair and Replacement in Laurel MD

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Gary’s Automotive in Laurel MD 20707 wants to make sure that our customers in Laurel, MD, Burtonsville, Beltsville, Savage and FT Meade don’t ignore their tires, after all they are the only connection between your vehicle and the road. Only a very small section of a vehicles tire tread is actually in contact with the road at any given time, so worn tires can become a major safety issue.

Most consumers know that tires play an important role in how your vehicle drives and handles, but often don’t realize what an important role their tires play in overall vehicle braking as well.

Worn tires with low tread depth and/or uneven tire wear can cause tires to lose traction in wet weather by hydroplaning. Stopping distance can dramatically increase and in some cases a blowout or even complete loss of vehicle control can occur.

Motorist should regularly check their tire pressure and pay attention to tire wear.

If your tire tread is getting low, we sell a wide variety of tires, tire brands, and tire sizes so you can always enjoy a quiet, safe, and fun ride. Let us help you find, mount and balance the right tires for your car, minivan, truck or SUV.

At Gary’s Automotive, we provide new tires to customers in Laurel, MD, Beltsville, Burtonsville, Savage, Ft Meade and surrounding areas

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We Sell Most Popular Brands Including

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Unsure about how to check tire pressure or tire condition? At Gary’s Automotive in Laurel, MD we are here to help, bring your vehicle by anytime for a free tire inspection and air pressure adjustment.
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