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Purchasing A Used Vehicle

Obtaining a Car Fax report is generally a good start when you find the “right vehicle”. Reports like these can uncover title problems, odometer discrepancies and may reveal serious accidents or flood damage. Maintenance and repair records are a big plus, but most sellers don’t have them.

As an additional line of defense we recommend that you have a professional technician perform a used vehicle inspection or “pre-purchase” inspection. The pre-purchase inspection will give you a much better idea of the overall condition of the vehicle. While a Maryland State Inspection is required before you can register the vehicle, state inspection alone is not enough, for instance MD inspection requires a brake inspection, however your vehicle can pass inspection with only 2/32 of an inch on the brake pads or shoes, leaving you maybe just weeks away from a major brake expenditure.

At Gary’s Automotive in Laurel, MD when we perform a pre-purchase inspection we will not only check your vehicle for a pass/fail condition, we will also alert you of upcoming expenditures leaving you with peace-of-mind and putting you in a position to negotiate the price of the upcoming repairs into the purchase price of the vehicle.

MD inspection is also a safety only type inspection. With a pre-purchase inspection, we will check the overall condition of the engine & transmission, air conditioning system, safety & comfort items, look for neglected vehicle maintenance such as oil change, fluid condition, filters, starter, alternator, battery and much more. We quite often are able to spot accident damage that never made it to a Car Fax report. With a comprehensive inspection checking over 150 points you’ll get a good idea of any work that needs to be done – and that will help you determine an appropriate value for the vehicle.

It’s pretty easy to see how a used vehicle inspection is worth the cost. If problems are uncovered, you can either walk away from the vehicle or negotiate a better price. If everything is OK, you’ll have a plan for addressing any routine services that should be done, not to mention a whole lot of peace-of-mind. It’s easy to fall in love with a vehicle – just don’t let your enthusiasm cloud your judgment. Have us perform a used vehicle inspection so that you’ll know if you’re getting a peach, or a lemon.

A pre-purchase inspection helps you make an educated buying decision, be an informed consumer and check it - before you buy it.