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Everyone knows that your vehicle will drive better if all four wheels are pointed in the same direction. When all four wheels are set to the manufacturer's precise specifications, that’s what we call proper wheel alignment.

When the wheels are no longer in specification, you may notice that your vehicle pulls or drifts to one side. Something that Laurel drivers may not notice right away even if the vehicle doesn’t pull is that their tires may be wearing unevenly and fairly quickly.

Some of the most common Alignment questions are:

What causes wheel alignment to get out of specification?

Why tires may be wearing unevenly?

Why are my tires wearing so quickly?

Will you measure each wheel's alignment?

What are car alignment costs?

How often should I have my car aligned?

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What causes wheel alignment to get out of specification? Many factors can take their toll on alignment. The most common is hitting a pot hole or a curb. A small to medium impact combined with daily bumps and bangs of driving around Laurel can add up and eventually knock your vehicle out of alignment. Suspension and steering components and springs also wear over time which can also lead to and alignment issues for Laurel drivers. That's why our friendly and knowledgeable pros at Gary's Automotive may suggest an alignment check periodically.

As the first step in the alignment process, we inspect the tires for proper wear as well as checking the suspension and steering components for damage or wear. During the Wheel Alignment Service at Gary's Automotive, we will measure each wheel's alignment (on specialized equipment) to see where it is in relation to the factory specifications.

Some vehicles allow adjustment of all four wheels, while other vehicles may only allow adjustment of the front wheels. Our Alignment technician will adjust the alignment angles of each wheel to tolerances within fractions of an inch or hundreds of a degree depending on the angle.

Alignment cost varies by whether or not your vehicle is two or four-wheel alignable. Four-wheel drive vehicles may be a little more costly because they're more difficult to align. Either way, keeping your vehicle in proper alignment is certainly more cost effective than having to replace your tires every few months.

If it has been a year or more since you've had your wheels aligned, bring your vehicle to Gary's Automotive in Laurel for an alignment check. We’ll provide you with a full color printout showing the exact condition of your alignment before and after any adjustments.

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Our Courtesy Inspection

Our Courtesy Inspection can bring you the Peace-of-Mind knowing the precise condition of your vehicle's most important systems. Our one-of-a-kind color coded report lets us inform you of the current condition of your car or truck and lets us prioritize any services that may be important now and in the near future so that you can plan and budget for any items. Our trusted Mechanics will review these items with you, answer the many questions that you may want to know about and inform you with options, As a trusted customer you will receive a copy of this simple to understand report for your records.

Looking for an Honest Mechanic who is an ASE Certified Master Technician? Then we have your alignment right here in Laurel. Questions? We have answers, give us a call at (301) 935-2886.

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