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Automotive Maintenance Services

Factory recommended maintenance services performed at Gary's Automotive
Driveline Service

Remove old worn out gear oil from the front and rear differential and transfer case.

Cooling System Service

The old antifreeze is removed from your radiator and replaced with new antifreeze per your vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. We will also check your hoses & radiator cap as well as pressure test your cooling system for leaks. Over time the anticorrosion and lubricating properties in coolant begin to break down and allow potential engine-damaging rust, corrosion, and mineral deposits to form throughout the cooling system. Replacing the antifreeze at regular intervals can help prevent overheating, freezing and premature cooling-system wear & corrosion.

Air Conditioning Service

One of our expertly trained Air Conditioning specialists will inspect your car's air conditioner system including compressor, Freon lines and condenser coil for leaks and wear. We will remove Moisture & contaminates in the system and recharge your Freon to manufacturer’s specifications.

Power Steering Flush

Our technicians will use a powerful cleaner to dissolve gum and varnish in your car's power steering unit. Next, we will flush old, worn-out contaminated fluid and install fresh new fluid fortified with a special antioxidant and anti-wear ingredients to prevent premature steering component failure. Regular steering fluid maintenance will help increase the life of expensive steering components like the power steering pump and rack & pinion unit.

Transmission Service

Our expert technicians will install a safe and effective cleaner to suspend harmful varnish and sludge from the transmission valve body, torque converter and lines. We will drain & refill the transmission fluid to manufacturer’s specifications with new fluid and conditioners. Like other vital automotive fluids, transmission fluid deteriorates over time. Hard use - such as frequent stop-and-go city driving, hauling heavy loads, trailer towing, tire spinning in the snow & ice - will accelerate the deterioration. That kind of driving raises the operating temperature of the transmission, and heat puts more strain on the transmission and the fluid.

Fuel/Air Induction Cleanup

Using specialized equipment our technicians will run a specially formulated cleaner through your vehicles induction system, which will quickly and effectively clean the intake manifold ports, intake valves, and combustion chamber. We then add a professional grade injector cleaning additive to the tank to clean the fuel delivery system while you drive. This service will help increase fuel mileage as well as restore lost power and performance while reducing harmful exhaust emissions.

Oil & Oil Filter Service

Gary’s Auto Oil Change Service is much more than an oil change. It’s preventive maintenance, performed by an ASE Technician, that will help your vehicle achieve maximum performance and extend its useful life. Our Service Includes changing your oil and oil filter, topping off all vital fluids as well as checking critical vehicle systems with our complimentary 24 point vehicle inspection which ensures optimum performance and your safety on the road. Experts recommend changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle every 3 months or 3,000 miles for conventional oil and every 6 months or between 5,000 and 6,000 miles for synthetic oil, whichever comes first. It's an essential way to maximize engine protection.

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